Wednesday, November 23, 2005

coffee professional's wish list

coffee professionals: this post's for you. if you had access to an engineer who could develop then build any piece of coffee/espresso/roasting equipment (whether an improvement on an already existing item or a new dream machine altogether), what would it be?

my father in law is in town for a couple months and among the things he's going to build for me are a retail/bar grinder with large blades and a sloooow rpm's. we're also going to visit the process of vac-potting/french pressing on demand, a la clover. a major design upgrade for a machine like that, from what little i've seen and read about clover, will be to offer multiple "brew baskets," and/or to have a grind-tamp-brew-discard feature. another wish list item on that machine would be some sort of multiple hopper layout where you could fill your (five? ten?) whole beans on brew offer in these separate hopper and let customers tell you what they want. you simply push a button and hopper X drops the proper proportions into the grinder, tamps, brews and discards. the hoppers are small--don't want to waste--and you can easily refill beans that are in higher demand throughout the day.

sounds easy, doesn't it? well, if anyone can do it, my father in law can. he'll bring the brains. i'll bring the cupping muscle.

wish list items anyone? since this is a brand new blog, everyone's new. come on in.


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