Tuesday, June 20, 2006

three and out

today on fox news channel they were talking about the civet poop coffee. they gave some audience members samples of the coffee and the result was what you might expect: some shook their heads in disgust. others sipped and turned up their noses. still others nodded their heads somewhat quizzically yet approvingly--the way someone like me does when a waiter pulls the cork on a bottle of wine and lets me smell it. "oh yes," says i, "that'll do nicely." (like what am i going to say?!? "send it back!"?)

the other funny thing they had today on the t.v. "coffee" segment was starbucks new frappuccino offerings. banana loco coco something and green tea frappalatta delight. they were saying how one of those carries up to 700 calories. drink three and you're done for the day intaking calories. nice.

three martini lunch. three frapp day.


At Tuesday, 20 June, 2006, Anonymous Mark said...

like many things Fox News touches, they are terrible for coffee. Terrible for the rep they give to "news", terrible for the rep they give to "fair and balanced" and terrible for coffee. And just about everything else they cover. :(

Fox is one of the few media outlets I've turned down interviews or backgrounder info for.


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