Thursday, August 09, 2007

on its way

part two of my pseudo political drama blogpost is on its way soon...

meantime, i wanted to make mention of one of my new favorite blogs. not new in the sense that they're new; new in the sense that i had the good fortune of discovering them. "discovering them" as in, they ordered some coffee from me and were kind enough to post a not too harsh critique on their site.

the blog is called coffee and conversation and believe me, this is one of the more thoroughly researched blogs around. they aren't hacks like me; they actually do some homework instead of tossing around opinions. for starters (after reading the brown review, of course!), check out this fascinating and in-depth discussion of what it takes to be called "shade grown" and/or "bird friendly" according to two well-respected organizations: the rainforest allliance and the smithsonian migratory bird center.

anyway, just giving props and thanks to c & c for their shout out toward brown.

also, in a completely unrelated point, if you're not currently using an aggregator, may i suggest netvibes.

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