Wednesday, April 09, 2008

post-it to self: you love coffee

i'm not a caffeine addict. i drink and sell coffee for the love of it--for its taste and for its ability to floor me with beauty.

so it has been a difficult several days here with (what has come to be known as) the phoenix project and the attempt to maintain operations at their normal pace.

and in the frenzy i realized . . . i haven't had a cup of coffee in over three days. now seriously, i know what you may be thinking when i announce i'm not caffeine-enslaved: "DE-nial." but three days and no adverse effects and no, "gee, i'd like a cup of coffee"? proof positive, at least, that i was one distracted fellow.

and so this morning as i dusted off my chemex and went through my ritual steps for a morning coffee i began to realize my hiatus.

and the coffee . . . maybe it had been too long; but my cup was the sweetest, most insanely clear fruit i can recall having in, well, a long time. a great reminder of the sunshine coffee brings to the lives of so many. for the taste of it, not the drug of it. a great reminder of what it's really all about, what i got into this business for in the first place.

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