Thursday, November 24, 2005

Brown Moves Foward

so last week i took another small step (among many) toward opening/owning/operating my own coffee and espresso bar. i captured the internet domain name for the company name i want.


i really love that name. it is obscenely simple. conveys clean lines (a stylistic favorite feel for me). is directly to the point (you know what you're buying...and it helps ensure you don't open your arms wide to too many off-topic products). it feels bohemian, refined, relaxed, upmarket--all at once. i really feel the name has a whole foods market sense to it.

cart before the horse? maybe. sure, the name hasn't been registered for business with the secretary of state. yes, i have yet to get money for the thing. and of course, naturally, i have no actual web site up yet.

but the name is registered virtually. i own it:

don't go there yet. all you'll get is one of those dumb company sites that says "this site has been reserved blah blah blah."

anyways, just wanted to mark the occasion.


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