Monday, April 24, 2006

synesso soon enough?

hey so with the resurgence of the itch to open a retail space for brown i have unearthed all the original planning work for cafe work, from business plans to letters of intent to cost analyses to equipment purchase lists. tomorrow we meet with the prop manager of one of the original sites i settled on upon moving to san antonio to do brown retail.

the thing i like about that site is that it is actually away several good blocks from the crush of tourists on the riverwalk. that might sound like retail suicide; but the beauty is that this way we build our kind of clientele: the kind that will seek us out rather than just show up and ask for a frappalatta.

anyways, so one of the big ticket items needed is a synesso cyncra, which, if the plan executes properly, will be ordered this week. that will be much earlier than any retail space opening, which means we will get the water system and set it up probably in the church i am a part of and we can just work away to our heart's content until brown's retail operations are a reality.

the journey begins again tomorrow....


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