Friday, February 24, 2006

bags are here

got my bags yesterday. one pound size and five pound size. jenee and a friend and i are collaborating on the final design of the labels and that should be wrapped up this weekend. even though they are one pound i am selling them at 12 oz. they are a touch easier to seal.

i "sourced" nine more coffees for my lineup. i'm really excited about them. some traditional favorites and a few uncommon origins. several organics and even a couple decafs. i'll try to post the list here on this blog soon. and i'm working on getting the website up and running soon so you can check that out.

that, and i've "hired" a wholesale account manager (see "friend" above), someone to take on the business of gathering wholesale accounts from restaurants and cafes and the like. we've set a very aggressive goal of twelve accounts by 1 MAY 06, so if you know anybody...

my focus will remain on roasting and will include new account training.

plenty of good opportunities to purchase individual coffees.


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