Friday, May 05, 2006


i was reading about utz kapeh today to edumacate myself and i ran across the common code for the coffee community, or, 4c's.

now, being ignorant of the 4c's up until about half an hour ago, i'm curious whether this movement is trying to position them to rival utz kapeh and fair trade, work alongside them, within their larger movements, or what.

of course, it looks halway presentable on the surface and hits all the right talking points. but then again, so does hillary clinton.

obviously, i'm for sustainability, traceability, equitable treatment and the like. but is this just another organization trying to do the same old thing instead of just joining forces with an organization that's already doing it well? will it muddy the chances of creating one unified chain of traceability and accountability?

again, i'm in the dark here and speaking rhetorically and out of ignorance. anyone know about this and can enlighten me?


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