Tuesday, May 23, 2006

motion trumps sound

remember the glory of seeing your favorite rock and roll band perform live for the first time? remember saying to yourself, "man, these guys rock live. it's such a greater overall experience to actually see them play than to just hear them play."?

remember that?

well, bearing in mind that, as i said in my last post, a critic loves to give directions when he has neither the inclination nor capacity to take the wheel, i am crying out for someone to post some video of the recently concluded world barista championships so i can link to it for the benefit of all my world of (four) readers. hearing the audio of it posted over at portafilter (because, you know, nick, [chuckle] you're all about "low smarts" stuff like mind-blowing baristas in action) just whet my appetite to see these brilliant folks do their thing second hand via the glory of the internet that al gore created.

anyways, let me add my humble and meek voice to the other humble and meek requests for video to get thrown on the net. anyone who's seen it posted somewhere, please inform.


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