Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the new face

going to be adding some new and fun components to this space in the days to come. one of them will be a recurring interview segment where i ask folks i like from the coffee world a few questions on my mind. look for quirky, unusual, thought-provoking and perhaps highly combustable coffee questions. the first round should be up in a few days.

i'm also starting regular reviews of different coffees different roasters and producers around the world. i'm trying to talk people out of samples so i can (roast, if needed, and) cup them and provide interesting reviews for my myriad readers...sort of the way record labels send prominent music critics free records for a shot at getting their records reviewed in print.

i will discuss the coffees in obvious ways: flavor, aroma, whether it makes for better espresso or drip, etc. and i will also do my best to have as much fun with the "other stuff" around each coffee: how unbelievably lame the packaging is; how i needed a bazooka to open the bag; whether the supplier sent it usps, ups, fedex; plus any fun facts i happen to pick up (or divine) along the way.

THIS JUST accepting samples (one to five pounds) of green or roasted coffees from, well, anyone who wants a review in these cyber pages. don't be shy. bring it. let's see if the coffee press will divinate or dismantle your coffee. email me at browncoffeeco AT gmail DOT com for more information on how to get your stuff to me.


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