Wednesday, September 13, 2006

is 'heterohemispheophobic' a word?

in sort of the same vein as the post directly below, i've been wondering why there are no cup of excellence programs operating in either africa or southeast asia. i can surmise why: because those areas have must less orderly systems of coffee production, or because washed process coffees are not nearly the given they are across latin america. or maybe it simply betrays the preferences of the founders that they choose locales that produce coffees they prefer.

as with this ongoing discussion and research i'm doing into processing methods, i have to keep in mind that my own preferences for coffee tastes do not equal the rules of coffee tastes. one is not necessarily better or worse than another. it's just different. and variety is good.

so how is this in the same vein as the post below? i don't know. i guess i got to thinking about the relatively poor processing methods one encounters in dry process places such as sumatra or yemen and it seemed a bit of a parallel to expecting something greater--maybe unrealistically--from these countries before they could host c.o.e. auctions. maybe this is a case of wanting the bar to be so high that some can't/won't make it. (but if that's the case, how would you answer that question for a sterling locale such as kenya, which has had sophisticated coffee auctions in place for decades?)

is it impossible to have a defect-free dry process? is that what it is? i mean, if pulped naturals can do so well in brazil why not? is it heterohemisperophobic? seriously...are there no c.o.e. programs in, say, indonesia because we are less familiar with the cultures and languages and religions in that part of the world?

it's an easier question to get answered than i'm probably making it, i'm sure. but that's what a good blog does--i'm told. it asks the unanswerable questions.


At Thursday, 14 September, 2006, Anonymous Stephen Leighton said...

Much more to do with that these countries Associations are less geared up to this kind of thing and the logistical planing that needs to be done before a competition is huge. I know there were some discussions earlier this year for the first African country to join the COE, but I don’t know where it finished up.

The answer is someone will soon, and when they do how cool will it be.


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