Friday, August 25, 2006

new pour over on its way, or, coffee alone as a main draw

not much to say right now but i just wanted to keep the posts rollin.

i just ordered a new pour over brewer the other day and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. i will be sure to put it through some field tests and report on my findings here. here's a pic of it. just the sight of it fills me with excitement. i can't wait. it actually has a cloth filter, something i had not realized people were still doing...well, at least since the days of the cowboy sock filters.

anyways, if the new pour over works out i'm considering using it as one of the main brewing methods in my retail space...whenever/if ever that gets up and running. the latest on that is that i'm seriously on the trail of opening a retail space so long as i can afford it. and i think i can. it will be a very different place than the usual coffeehouse. for one, we will be opening expressly as a coffee bar. no espresso machine. the idea will be simple, like that of chipotle: very few items on the menu and do them well. feature up to 12 coffees with the customer's choice of brew methods (pour over, press, aeropress, pre-brewed press pots in airpots if you don't want to wait, possibly a clover, etc.) and the size--no larger than 16 oz. of course we'll pair them with easy pastries for the morning and full plated desserts in the evening with a smattering of ready to drink items and some iced alternatives such as italian sodas and iced coffees. but coffee will be the main distraction, both liquid and whole bean. and i'll put my roaster in the space and let some of the pungent aromas of freshly roasted beans waft through the air.

my point with that tangent was to express to you that i'm excited about this classy looking pour over, which i think would make a fine draw to any customer's eye.

what do you think? do you think a coffee bar could survive/thrive without an espresso machine? there are so many coffee possibilities i want to explore that don't include espresso (not that i'm down on espresso by any means).


At Saturday, 26 August, 2006, Anonymous Stephen Leighton said...

I have some brewers like that one from Hario, they call it the bloom.

Great little brewer, and unique in taste. A cross between a swiss gold and a french press.

The idea of a shop that just does clover and drip and french press sounds so cool to me. I guess location would be important, but I’d go out my way to visit somewhere like this. Espresso has its place and its time and I’m not down on it at all, just think there is another way.

I’m not sure what its like in your neighbourhood, but I guess you would have to have a clover to service your take out customers, not many are going to wait for a french press, but if you can get past that how cool would it be. In a world of same old same old a unique selling point of quality take your time and enjoy sounds good.

Keep the dream

At Saturday, 26 August, 2006, Blogger blanco said...

i definitely hear you about the clover. as soon as i get an extra $9000 i'm so there. i think what i'll do in the interim is do press coffee in airpots until i can swing the clover. hey, if that method was good enough for stumptown, it's good enough for me.


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