Wednesday, November 01, 2006

super rad fun

sorry the updates have been slim pickin's lately. been really busy tying up loose ends here for the texas barista jam i'm coordinating. i'm really pumped about it now that we come into the beginning of the end and just before we get into the last minute stuff.

i am really pleased to know that counter culture coffee will be so generous as to donate some of their killer selection of coffees, along with novo coffee (hope we can get some of that wild forest stuff they rave about!) and a small selection of coffees i've ordered just for the event to run through the clover. i feel as though this event will really benefit ME. everyone else is welcome to come along for my event.

of course, that's not exactly how it'll be. there are some great workshops and presentations lined up and i know everyone in attendance will get lots of good stuff out of it. but it is really cool to know that this was a jam i set up (with great help and plenty of donations such as the ones listed above) and i built it the way i wanted.

building this event made me remember how much i enjoy putting together big events such as this. events like i used to do when i was working with middle school and high school students back in philadelphia. fun events. events that when it was all over you said, "that was a ton of hard work...and it was super rad fun."

anyways, can't wait.


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