Friday, September 21, 2007

couple more

some final, quick pics before "big brown" arrives next week. remember, everything you have seen up to and including this point is completely homemade using regular off the shelf parts. Only a couple pieces of stainless steel were special ordered.

forgive the background with the starbucks coffee brewer. at least, to your right, you can see a well used french press. yes, the wood looks a bit bulky and awkward. yes, the amazing steelwork looks brilliant. we'll get it sorted out soon.

this is the cooling tray. i should say, it's the cooling tray 1.0, as it will no doubt be upgraded next month with an agitating arm(s) of some sort. yes, it is detached from the roaster (i.e., has its own separate fan apart from the airflow used on the roaster).

the part you're meant to see is that this arm lowers the screen of the cooling tray to dump beans into a separate holding bin after cooling.

next week she arrives. set up will be slow as we aren't in our roasterie yet. hopefully early november to be up and running.

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