Saturday, December 10, 2005

no coffee-off at brown

[from the book, there ought to be a law] evidently there is a law on the texas books that provides:
All personal, physical and mental endurance contests in public competition for prizes, awards or admission fees shall not continue longer than twenty-four hours in any one continuous competitive period of endurance.
although the law was originally passed to prohibit dance marathons (citing, as justification, citizens who so engage do so until they are "weak, blind and delirious"), i think it sets a dangerous, blind and evil precendent that biases the public against what i plan to make a cornerstone of my marketing plan: the coffee-off. folks will slurp coffee from sun up to sun down for 25 hours or until they explode with a caffeine buzz. the winner would get five free sessions with a sleep therapist. but no. we are beholden to arcane regulations that keep us from the full pursuit of happiness. gestapo government.



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