Friday, January 27, 2006

spending spree

so today money's been flowing out of my hands and across the internet like water. after an infusion of cash to get this thing started, i purchased a roaster today, some cupping supplies and about 75lbs of green beans to mess around with. i'm also getting some samples sent from some importers, giving me more greens to play with. i call it play money because it's like free beans to practice with. once i can get the roaster set up and can get my bearings on it i can begin approaching end-user clients with some samples of my own to see if they would want to use my coffee instead of the coffee they are currently using.

so why would they want to do that? well, price for one. i can likely beat their current prices because i won't markup the profit as high. and i will generally deliver my own beans so that's an extra savings i can pass along to the clients. anyone who can get the same or better quality for less money is going to do so, i would think. plus i'll be pretty much local for all my clients so if they are in a pinch and need more coffee right away...can do.

excited to finally get going. this is it.


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