Friday, January 27, 2006


so what beans did i purchase and get samples for?

from gillies coffee i purchased 25lbs each of:
brazil cerrado 17/18 (screen size)
sumatra grade #1 lintong fancy prep
costa rica shb estate tarrazu

i got the brazil because it's cheap and i can burn through batches as i learn to roast.
the other two are coffees i have some familiarity with so i can compare my roasts with my memory of them. coffees change, of course, from harvest to harvest and even intra-harvest as they lose moisture. but i will be more familiar with a sumatra's flavor than i would, say, a papua new guinea.

and from inter-american coffees i got as samples:

Yemmen Mocca Matari
Ethiopian Harrar
Brazil Cerrado Natural Oberon
Sumatra Gr 1 Mandheling

brazil because it's the same type bean and probably similar in flavor profile to the brazil i got from gillies. plus if i eventually blend for espresso i may use brazil as a base.

yemmen because, well, it's amazing. gran cru amazing.
harrar because that's one of my all-time favorite coffees: ripe raspberries and cherry wine wildness.
sumatra, well, as i said, i'm perhaps most familiar with that coffee, although the mandheling will be pronouncedly different than the lintong. mandheling may be more muddied versus the lintong which i feel has been showing up as quite cedar-ey in the mouth and nose the last couple years.

anyways...if you want to purchase some of my coffee i should be getting my one pound and five pound bags next week as well. so another week after that i can start fulfilling orders. drop me a comment here if you're interested in buying coffee.


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