Wednesday, August 16, 2006

floating ideas

so if you're a regular (all three of you) to this blog you know i've been kicking around the idea of opening a retail space for some time. basically, no money = no retail space.

but based on a conversation i was having with a friend i got to wondering the other day whether a retail space could find success as a straight coffee bar. not espresso and coffee. not coffee and fruit smoothies. not a full range of dairy beverages and whatnot.

the idea is simple. small menu of coffee choices (that changes regularly). small range of brewing choices (clover, french press, pour over, aeropress). choose the size you want. of course we'll compliment those with freshly baked pastries. and of course people will be able to buy beans...we'll set up the little roaster in the shop. but the focus will always be coffee. a true coffee bar.

what do you think? will i have trouble making rent each month? or could it take off? i think it's conceivable that i could pull it off. we would just have to have some fabulous press and word of mouth would have to spread like wildfire. that, and heaven and earth would have to move. but hey, if they can determine just like that that pluto isn't a planet after all, that might be my equivalent of heaven and earth moving. so we'll see. i'm giving it some serious thought and prayers.


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