Monday, November 13, 2006

not a full review

i'm not going to give the full-on review here without pics. i will in a day or so. suffice it to say now that this was one of the most fun coffee events i have ever participated in. everything went smoothly, generally according to plan, and only one small group of participants were mistreated because of my poor sense of distance judgment...they must've walked a mile each way to lunch.

i'm only beginning to fathom the depth of the greatness of the coffees that were present at the event. after everyone took home what they wanted there was still a stunning lineup of 'lefties' for me to play with this week. i'm rebagging everything into resealable bags to try to keep the freshness flame burning as long as i can. time. running. out. must. get. to. all. coffees. quickly!

look for full review and pics very soon.


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