Sunday, December 24, 2006

have an enjoyable winter solstice around your holiday tree

MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone! yes, i said, MERRY CHRISTMAS, not "happy holidays." this is christmas, after all, not just a generic holiday. if you celebrate chanukkah, then HAPPY CHANUKKAH. if you celebrate kwaanza, then HAPPY KWAANZA.

my point being, christmas (as are all of them) is a distinct holiday that has its own history and traditions and i'll not water it down because someone is queasy about their relationship vis a vis Jesus, God, heaven, etc. it started as a christian holiday and still is, identity stealing p.c. secularists notwithstanding.

so anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS! thanks, everyone, for reading this blog and for your kind support over the year. here's to a great 2007 and beyond.


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