Monday, November 20, 2006

shutters and jitters

heading to austin tuesday to meet up with a new friend who owns a camera and knows how to use it. "J" (short for jonathan) came to our recent barista jam and i got to chat with him subsequent to that on the phone for a solid hour or so. he is a stand up guy and, as i mentioned, is handy with the ol' point and shoot. take a gander at his blog.

what does this have to do with coffee? well, if all goes according to plan, i'll be able to convince J to come back to san antonio sometime soon to snap some pics of me in action at the roaster and the cupping table and other such 'action shots' for a future revamp of my website.

also, j's brother and sister in law own and operate caffe medici, austin's hip new espresso bar, so we should be slingin' back the 'spro while we hang out.


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