Thursday, December 07, 2006

eating the whole thing

from time to time i come across a coffee site on the interweb that so intrigues me i spend hours soaking up all that it has to offer. yesterday i fell across this site while looking up something similar for my friend edwin.

i realize this is a commercial for guatemalan specialty coffee. but what a beautifully appointed commercial, rich with detail, and pleasantly detailed info about the country's major growing regions, down to the local roads and specific farms. before he had pulled up the site i was able to tell him the four closest farms surrounding his own farm. then he got online and we worked through the site together. it was a fascinating conversation we were having on the phone as we both perused the site on our own terminals several states away.
of course, it helps that edwin was born and reared in guatemala and he was able to add lots of great side/back info into the pics and diagrams on the site, even down to the stories behind the different hat and blouse designs of the people in the pics.

UPDATE: remember that if you're interested in visiting edwin's family's coffee plantation there are still some spots available. leave a comment here if you want more info or email me at browncoffeeco AT gmail DOT com.


At Thursday, 07 December, 2006, Anonymous Stephen Leighton said...

Thanks for that, great bit of info, printing and reading as we speak :)


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