Thursday, February 22, 2007


hi. i'm aaron. i blog here. at least i used to.

terribly sorry for the lack of updates. here's some stuff to tide you over until next month, when i may decide to blog again:

1. went to guatemala. had a smashing time. will go back one day for sure.

2. pics for guatemala are up on flickr. i think flickring has been my new blogging of late. (leave pithy comments. bloggers/flickrers love that.)

3. i've begun an experiment in coffee that will culminate two years from now. yes, i'm on the freezing train. more on this later, i'm sure. for now, the project is being laid out pretty scientifically with the hope of publishing a white paper of sorts down the road on freezing effects. comments, jeers, etc., are welcome. just be prepared for comments and jeers back.

4. finishing an article and a half for an upcoming barista magazine. excited for that.

5. trying to figure out darned google analytics for my website. anyone? bueller?

6. trying to figure out where on earth the coffee i sent to a pilot friend just arrived in afghanistan has gotten off to. we're at four weeks and counting.

7. always thinking of retail possibilities. send me money please, and i won't send you anything in return.

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At Friday, 23 February, 2007, Anonymous gabe said...

love to try and help with the google analytics. let me know how i can help.

At Saturday, 24 February, 2007, Blogger Jason Haeger said...

Agreed.. google analytics isn't too difficult.

Except that WP doesn't allow HTML posting... so TXCP is yet to be analyzed by google.


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