Monday, January 15, 2007

meta tags and google

i've mentioned this i think over on my 'regular' blog before. but have you ever googled yourself? i've googled myself personally. (turns out i'm some sort of judo master in spain.) but, silly me, i've never googled brown. well, that's not entirely true. i haven't googled brown in a long time because when i was setting up the site originally i didn't know how to use the meta tags and descriptors to capture the attention of web crawlers. so when i tried to google brown nothing came up. nothing. bummer. that can't be good for business.

i still don't. but i just put "coffee" in there a ton of times. oh, and i also put "wal-mart" in there a bunch, just for good measure.

just kidding on that one. but hey...

well, something must be working because before the best i could hope for was a web spider capturing my sig line on a coffeed post. this time? page three, baby! moving on up. (come on, "wal-mart!")

so does anyone know how to set up meta tags? i need some experienced help.


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