Tuesday, October 09, 2007

words of wisdom

sometimes people give you unsolicited advice that is basically worth little more than the hot air it took to expel the advice from the giver's oral cavity. other times the advice is spot on and worthy of all acceptance and you, under whatever circumstances you find yourself in at the time, are unable or unwilling to internalize that advice and profit from it.

and then there are the times when someone drops upon you a little nugget that is both accurate for your condition and timely and it falls on your ears like needed rain on dry land. such were the words i got the other day from a friend.

he said (as i paraphrase him): in the life cycle of every business, there comes a time when one of two things will happen. the first is that your business will exhaust its current client base and you will need an infusion of capital to capture a wider client base. this can seem both daunting and frustrating at once because it often seems like you're spending dollars to try to get more people to do the same thing--buy your product. the second scenario is the opposite. your current client are keeping you so busy that you cannot keep up your current production rate to satisfy their needs without a major infusion of capital to either upgrade your production capacity or hire a larger labor staff. again, a daunting and frustrating experience

i am in the latter space, currently. i'm living in the place where capacity is still not operational and current bankroll does not allow for a sufficient layout for more a needed boost in inventory. because of the addition of several key wholesale accounts i find my inventory depleting itself all too quickly and my little roaster running constantly to keep up. this is a good thing in my estimation, let me assure you. and when the paid invoices really get rolling this plateau i'm currently on will be but a learning experience, a significant turning point in the life of my business. thankfully, both of these issues (needing both larger roaster capacity and a boosted inventory) will seemingly be accounted for within the next 30 days. or so goes the plan.

and so meanwhile it's peck, peck, peck all day long, and pondering the sage advice that called this one loud and clear. now all that's left is the doing of it.

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