Wednesday, May 28, 2008


if you went to the scaa show this year you may have seen this. i'm a little late to the game, having been scooped by others already. but i found this interesting in a detached sort of way. kind of like watching someone who is really, really in need of a leg up in life as they struggle down the sidewalk with too much stuff in their arms. your eyes have to just keep watching, though your heart is not big enough to actually go help because you know you will just end up having to carry their stuff for two miles and then they're gonna ask you to get all involved in their lifestuff and it'll just get too messy.

horrid i am.

but that's kind of how i always view tea stuff. just keep it at arms' length so you don't have to get too involved.

anyway, just watch and tell me what you, espresso freaks, think. [DISCLAIMER: the coffee press does not endorse the use of excessive sugars, sweeteners and general frou froueyness in drinks.] (hat tip: arizona coffee)



At Wednesday, 28 May, 2008, Blogger Jaime van Schyndel said...

Two years ago, maybe more at this point, I experimented with shots of tea. Mint, matte, and rooibos. Take a dedicated grinder and powder them and you can pull real shots. Timed like an espresso and people really go for it.

It ended up on the menu @ simon's. a Year later, the local tea distributor picked up on the volume we were going through and started offering pre-ground rooibos for 'shots'

After that, the general quality went to heck and the volume diminished. I still resent that tea guy because I basically got zip.

At Tuesday, 26 August, 2008, Blogger James Teng said...

My family opened a tea shop earlier this year that uses a special espresso machine with settings just for tea espresso separate from coffee. We don't focus on making tea espresso, but instead use that method to extract everything from tea leaves. And I don't think rooibos is really a tea, it's tastes more like a root, something like ginseng.

At Tuesday, 22 August, 2017, Blogger simpli press coffee said...

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