Friday, March 24, 2006

what it's all about in my world

just look at that. perfect espresso oozing out of the machine like warm honey. you can't really see the coloring details with my camera phone, but believe me, the tiger striping in the pour was in full effect. here's another one.i love that "bottomless" portafilter. it really gives you all the guts and glory of true espresso. one minor element missing or even slightly askew and you will be punished. your pour will be crazy and you get several waterfalls instead of one, or it will all pour to one side or you'll get little streamers that are like tiny side streams squirting off to one side. only when every aspect is dead red--the proper dosing, distributing in the portafilter basket, the proper tamp pressure evenly sealing the entire basket and the proper water pressure/temp from the machine--will you get beauty in the cup.(again, forgive the graininess of the camera pics...believe me, this was reddish brown crema in real life.)

the bottomless portafilter also brings out an amazing clarity in the espresso. sweet notes you never realized were in that coffee are now throwing themselves at your taste buds. deep chocolate tones might rush forward only to be countered by a flash of cranberry sweetness as you down the velvety crema. no, i'm not making that stuff up. we really tasted it tonight. in decaf! here's a couple decent shots of the wonderful machine we are currently working: the fiorenzato bricoletta

here is a related of my first attempts at "latte art."the final link in the complex chain of quality coffee and espresso. that's either a poor rendition of great britain or a poor rendition of a rosetta. but oh, blarged up rosetta/great britain never tasted so good! this is my world.