Thursday, March 20, 2008

guilt by association, or, "can i get a venti clover, please?"

hard to quantify it exactly, but seeing this...

feels a little like the first time i saw this:
note the binders around his wrists.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

let it ride

just a quick post to say THANK YOU to all the people i know directly who have donated to the carlos and edwin garcia martin memorial fund through brown. so far you have donated close to $750 to help juana and her remaining family move through life without their husband, father, brother, son.

naturally, money does not make the world go round. and it can never keep the bed beside you warm, nor recreate the laugh of a high schooler. but thank the good Lord above that so many of you have given a little bit from your pocketbooks (something relatively easy for us rich nortenos to do) to smooth out some of the rocky roads ahead for this widow and family.

peace be on you.

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