Monday, November 13, 2006

all star lineup

let me list, off the top of my head, the lineup of coffees present at the event. my hope is to give at least a passing review in the days to come of all the coffees i tasted--which was most that where there--so that you'll feel jealous of me somehow and think better of me as a coffee dude. or something.

in no particular order (except by company) and by no means do i claim to remember them all:

counter culture coffee:
espresso toscana
espresso aficianado
espresso forte
espresso aida (nick cho's el sal blend of competition espresso)
el salvador santa ana, finca mauritania
kenya gaaki co-op auction lot #....? (can't remember)
honduras la paz, el puente ('the purple princess')

cuvee coffee:
panama (unnamed region, co-op, etc.)
el salvador, finca san joaquin

paradise coffee roasters:
sumatra lake tawar
aged sumatra

ecco cafe: brazil coe espresso

stumptown coffee:
guatemala el injerto maragogype
ethiopia wild forest limu
nicaragua finca el cipres
sumatra lake tawar

novo coffee:
ethiopia hache
sumatra lake tawar
panama bambito estate
ethiopia wild forest tega
tawar rouge espresso

kenya mamuto, kirinyaga (top two faves at the event)
ethiopia yrgacheffe

and some of my brown:
ethiopia organic dp sidamo (total rock star, esp via the clover)
guatemala huehuetenango, finca vista hermosa
java pancoer
costa rica tres rios, aguas claras
kenya aa tembo
ethiopia harar
brazil cerrado (espresso)

just think about that for a second. if you're familiar with these coffees, you know how mind-numbingly good they all are. if you're not, the company names alone are enough of a who's who among u.s. roasters to make you giddy. and everyone delivered fabulously. i have a lot of big thank you's to get to...

which means...gotta run


At Monday, 13 November, 2006, Anonymous Stephen said...

that's el injerto maragogype!


At Monday, 13 November, 2006, Blogger blanco said...

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