Tuesday, December 26, 2006

brown interview

some of you who've been reading these blog pages for a bit know that i have been doing occassional email interviews with folks i think are all that. a new year's resolution from me is to get back to that with vigor. i've got some ideas already on next people. hey, maybe i'll interview someone who thinks blogs such as this one are too esoteric and full of b.s. okay, maybe not.

but anyways, in the meantime, someone has interviewed me and i thought you may be interested in watching me have the tables turned on myself a bit. jeremy is a friend of mine from church who has gulped up tons of brown coffee with his wife at church and in their home. (yes, our church drinks brown coffee from press pots.)

besides the diversion into my interview, jeremy's relatively new blog is a good read. he's a good writer with a quick wit and some interesting takes on some of life's smaller details many others might quickly overlook.



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