Friday, October 26, 2007

everybody likes free stuff

for those of you who still inexplicably think baseball is a sport played by scruffy fat men, eat this. taco bell announces prior to the world series that if and when any player on any team stole a base (a feat that requires skill, speed and agility) they would give a free taco to everyone in america on 30 october between 2-5p your local time. (presumably, folks who live near time zone lines can take double advantage of this offer.)

well, i'm here to announce that last night, in game 2's red sox victory, it was the wing-footed rookie, jacoby ellsbury, who stole a base, thus opening the door for everyone in america to claim that free taco. so eat up, america. and thank jacoby ellsbury when you do. (pic hat tip: boston dirt dogs)

still, i guess this might be a less expensive publicity stunt than the boston area furniture operation that told people back in march and april that if the sox won the world series this year, all purchase price of the furniture bought during that time would be refunded. in either case, whether eating junk fast food or loafing on your new couch, it's you (not the baseballers) who are lazy, slow and probably getting fatter by the moment--a probability enhanced by the fact that you sit around and read obscure coffee blogs.

p.s. the sox beat the rockies again, and are now up 2-0 in the best of seven series, with the venue now switching to denver for at least two more games.

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At Tuesday, 30 October, 2007, Blogger blanco said...

btw, the tacos were gooooood today. today i introduced my kids to one of my favorite college rituals: a taco with one packet of hot sauce on it, one napkin (each) and an ice cold mountain dew to wash it all down. of course, i normally ate three tacos, but since we each got one free...

thanks, jacoby!


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